10 reasons to take part in Homeless Sunday

  1. Homelessness is very widespread in our society
  2. Homelessness hurts many thousands of people every year
  3. People who are homeless are valuable in the sight of God
  4. Homelessness is an injustice
  5. Homelessness is not inevitable — something can be done and you can make a difference
  6. Homelessness is a spiritual issue
  7. The church is Christ’s body to bring good news to the poor
  8. Christians have often led the way in tackling homelessness (and continue to do so)
  9. We can learn from each other’s initiatives
  10. It’s a great opportunity to pray, speak out and take action in our communities

So, the how...? How can my church, school or project get involved?

•  Plan and run a church service — use our prayers, preaching notes and other ideas in whatever way best suits your style of worship

•  Use the template poster to tell everyone what you are planning

•  Give out prayer cards to the congregation

•  Raise funds for the work of Housing Justice and Scottish Churches Housing Action by taking a collection or running a ‘Cup of Tea’ appeal